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What is BreatheEasyTO?

Experts agree: safer air in our buildings reduces the risk of airborne illnesses, like COVID-19 and flu. That’s why BreatheEasy celebrates organizations and their people who help keep us safe everyday. 


BreatheEasy is an indoor health awareness program that is making the invisible visible where we work, live, and gather. By measuring how quickly each space clears viruses and bacteria using effective Air Changes per Hour (eACH), BreatheEasy provides the insights on the safety of public and private spaces, the tools to improve if needed, and the resources to communicate with employees, customers, and visitors.

BreatheEasy Participants


Our mission

To identify and celebrate those creating infection-resilient retail and public spaces in Toronto, provide insights for others to improve, and empower the community with confidence to spend time indoors together.

Grocery Store Worker

Who we are

The BreatheEasy team is an expert consortium of air safety, ventilation and purification organizations formed with the goal of developing and implementing a program to increase awareness of the importance of indoor air safety. 


The consortium provides free resources and insights to participating organizations to measure, assess and communicate the indoor air health quality of the spaces we inhabit everyday.

Partners & Sponsors

These organizations support the importance of infection-resilient spaces within Toronto.

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Image by Artem Gavrysh

Why this matters

While we spend 90% of our lives inside, building managers, occupants and visitors have been left guessing how safe the indoor air is that we breathe. Experts agree that airborne pathogens put us at risk of contracting an illness. But how would we know they’re in the air and what can we do to protect ourselves from breathing it in?

Rapid tests for COVID changed the course of the pandemic because they enabled anyone, anywhere, to quickly assess their infection status. We believe that “what you can’t measure, you can’t manage.” For indoor spaces there has been no rapid measurement of indoor air ventilation for infection safety, until now.

This has meant that building operators, occupants, customers and visitors haven’t had access to the performance of air ventilation, the health safety of the spaces we enter and how to safely use them for their daily activities. 

BreatheEasy takes a new approach to solve this information gap, with measurable insights, improvements and public enablement. By supporting building operators with the insights and expertise to communicate and improve their indoor air safety, and enabling the public with the tools to access indoor spaces with their personal safety in mind.

Vote to share safe air and

Ask Toronto businesses to test and share the safety of their indoor air. Each vote means a chance to win $250 to spend at participating businesses who share their scores.


Schedule your free air safety test

Take part in BreatheEasyTO today by getting your Toronto business tested for free. Know your score in 15 minutes and help everyone breathe easy.

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