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Questions about BreatheEasyTO?

BreatheEasyTO is on a mission to identify and celebrate creating infection-resilient retail and public spaces in Toronto, provide insights for others to improve, and empower the community with confidence to spend time indoors together.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is BreatheEasy?

BreatheEasyTO is an indoor health awareness program that is making the invisible visible where we work, live, and gather. By measuring how quickly each space clears viruses and bacteria using effective Air Changes per Hour (eACH), BreatheEasyTO provides the insights on the safety of public and private spaces, the tools to improve if needed, and the resources to communicate with customers, visitors, and employees.

Who is BreatheEasy?

The BreatheEasyTO team is a consortium of organizations dedicated to improving indoor air safety through air monitoring, ventilation, purification, and public health.

Where can I learn more?

Visit to learn more about the program, the BreatheEasyTO team and how to take part in Toronto and other cities. 



The science and technology

How does the test work and how long does it take?

The rapid air test uses four small sensors to measure how quickly human breath particles are cleared from an indoor space. The sensors connect to BreatheEasyTO's mobile WiFi, are active for fifteen minutes, and then the score is calculated and emailed to the designated contact person.

What is ACH and what is a good score?

The test measures for effective Air Changes per Hour (ACH), the industry and government recognized measure of a space's ability to clear bacteria and pathogens in exchange for clean outdoor air. Experts are now recommending at least 4 ACH for most types of spaces. BreatheEasy can provide more detailed guidance for really busy spaces and those where more intense activity takes place, like gyms.

How does this help to prevent COVID-19 and other infections?

Experts agree that respiratory-based viruses like COVID-19 is contracted through breathing in COVID-19 particles. The BreatheEasyTO initiative aims to support spaces to become infection-resilient through prevention, by enabling building operators and the public with insights on how infection-resilient the space is.

Who is ASHRAE?

ASHRAE is North America's leading ventilation engineering organization. ASHRAE standards are the recognized standards for ventilation system design and acceptable indoor air quality.

I use a CO2 monitor, is that good enough?

CO2 monitors can provide an indication of how well-ventilated an area is. That being said, CO2 is a gas which doesn't behave the same as biological particles in human breath. CO2 sensors don't take into account the value of air filtration. Spaces may be safer than CO2 monitors indicate. BreatheEasy's rapid air safety test takes into account air purification, ventilation, and occupancy.



Participant information

I want to bring this to my space, how do I participate?

To participate in BreatheEasyTO, book your free rapid air safety test today. 

Does my eACH score expire?

Your ventilation performance can change based on weather and seasonal changes, occupancy, layout, and HVAC function and can be improved with easily accessible tools. Air safety test should be conducted regularly to provide updated eACH scores.

Vote to share safe air and

Ask Toronto businesses to test and share the safety of their indoor air. Each vote means a chance to win $250 to spend at participating businesses who share their scores.


Schedule your free air safety test

Take part in BreatheEasyTO today by getting your Toronto business tested for free. Know your score in 15 minutes and help everyone breathe easy.

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