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Book Your Free Rapid Air Test

Join the hundreds of Toronto spaces where everyone breathes easy.

Schedule a free rapid air safety test at your Toronto business today.
In 15 minutes you'll know your score, get support to improve if needed,
and can share and celebrate so everyone can breathe easy.


Ventilation Effectiveness - Room by Room

Your team's been working hard to keep folks safe from getting sick over the past three years--investing in ventilation, filters, purifiers, cleaning and more. 

But we know it often feels like surgeons operating blindfolded.

BreatheEASY's rapid air safety test measures effective Air Changes per Hour (eACH), revealing how quickly airborne viruses are cleared, room by room.

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Share Your Safety

Get credit for your investments and hard work. Share your scores and let your tenants, your staff and your customers breath easy.

Vote to share safe air and

Ask Toronto businesses to test and share the safety of their indoor air. Each vote means a chance to win $250 to spend at participating businesses who share their scores.


Schedule your free air safety test

Take part in BreatheEasyTO today by getting your Toronto business tested for free. Know your score in 15 minutes and help everyone breathe easy.

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