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How it works


What is eACH?

By measuring how quickly each space clears viruses and bacteria for the air using effective Air Changes per Hour (eACH), BreatheEasyTO provides measurable insights on the safety of public and private spaces, and the information to improve if needed. Rapid air tests, verified by Poppy Healthy, provide the eACH score.


The eACH score can be compared to building ventilation guidance from aerosol and infectious disease experts, who recommend at least 4+ ACH to reduce airborne infection risk - some pointing to numbers as high as 12 ACH to best avoid cold, flu, COVID and RSV transmissions indoors. 

How does the test work?

The testing is made possible by a new rapid air test developed by Poppy Health, the indoor health technology company and BreatheEasyTO consortium partner. The 15-minute test works by using innovative connected devices that release a water-based tracer mist into the air and special sensors that mimic human breath particles. 


By revealing how well each room clears airborne viruses, facility managers can benchmark their score against internal and government guidelines. This actionable metric can be used to improve individual spaces through ventilation or purification changes, maintain safe levels, or decrease to improve ESG guidelines.


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