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BreatheEasyTO in the News

Where do you want to breathe easy? Follow the BreatheEasy story here to learn which buildings are safest, how to get involved and why ventilation is important.


Poppy Health Measures Indoor Air Ventilation on a Massive Scale

A lot of public health depends on measuring proxies for health, such as checking the level of COVID-19 in waste water as a cheap, accurate and (importantly) privacy-preserving way to determine how widespread the disease is in a municipality. Recently, Poppy Health has created a clever technology to determine how well buildings are protecting people from air-borne diseases.

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Testing Toronto's indoor spaces for virus transmission risk

Toronto is participating in what’s being billed as the first ever city-wide program to test and rate the indoor air quality of spaces where people work, shop, and gather.

The City is partnering with BreatheEasy, which uses a 20 minute rapid air safety test to determine air quality ratings.

A City-Scale Program For Indoor Air Safety, To Meet The Global Need.

Today, we announce the general availability of BreatheEasy, the world's first city-scale program to test and communicate indoor air safety.  BreatheEasy responds to the urgent global need for a universal measure of how buildings perform to control the transmission of airborne diseases, and for this information to be accessible to both building operators and the public. 


Survey Shows Workers’ Concerns Over Catching Colds

According to a survey by Leger (a Canadian market research firm) conducted on the behalf of BreatheEasy (a consortium of air safety, ventilation, and purification organizations), 70% of the participants were concerned about catching a respiratory virus at work.

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With 70% of Toronto Residents Concerned They Will Get Sick at Work, BreatheEasyTO Measures the Indoor Air Safety of 100+ Public Spaces

Results from the first city-wide testing of businesses to evaluate the risk of flu, RSV, and COVID-19 transmission show that people experience a wide range of ventilation safety over the course of a day. According to a Leger survey of workers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) conducted on behalf of BreatheEasy, 70% are concerned about catching a respiratory virus at work.

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BreatheEasy Infographic now Available for Download

View the results from the first city-wide testing of businesses to evaluate the risk of flu, RSV, and COVID-19 transmission, along with responses from a poll of how Office workers, and their  concerns about getting sick at work.


Vote to share safe air and

Ask Toronto businesses to test and share the safety of their indoor air. Each vote means a chance to win $250 to spend at participating businesses who share their scores.


Schedule your free air safety test

Take part in BreatheEasyTO today by getting your Toronto business tested for free. Know your score in 15 minutes and help everyone breathe easy.

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